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.difference 88.

.don't make me cause a scene.

difference 88
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"so breath deep,
because i'm asking you to stay with me.
and sink deep,
under your covers thats how you escape from me."

difference 88 is a four piece indie/emo band from the Lakes Region of New Hampshire.
Griffin Young: lead vocals + guitar
Ian Ochs: drums and percussion
Laura Baker: bass guitar
Brian Stanley: guitar and back up vocals

we have many influences and many reasons for making the music that we do. but we wont explain them all here, so feel free to join our community and read up on info about our band and the progress we are making...

some rules:
1.if you dont like us or are music, deal, no need to be caddy over livejournal by leaving un necessary comments.
2. i'm not allowing posting access to everyone because the community would get out of control and crazy, but some people if they feel the need to take part in the posting that happens in this community, feel free to email us and let us know why you feel the need to contribute and we will in all likely hood give you access to post in the community.

3. please no promoting of other communties.. none of this "join hottie_emo_kids" junk. we dont need that.. we are already hottie emo kids we dont need to join a community promoting it. (minus the hottie emo kids of course)

thank you
difference 88

contact info:
griffin: IM difference 88
laura: IM laurasokissable
ian: IM drummerXB

booking: llbaker@mail.plymouth.edu

help promote!!! to get the tag to help promote, IM laura (laurasokissable) to get the url.