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        Hello Everybody! We have great news here from the difference88 crew. After months of discussion, we have now signed with Wild Oats Records out of Nashville, TN. This is of course very exciting for us and we cannot wait to take advantage of what they are ready to offer. We owe this to everyone and anyone that has ever gone to a show, bought a demo, or showed a friend our music. This would not have been nearly as possible if it weren't for all of you that have helped spread the word and we cannot thank you enough.
        As for now, we have some busy months ahead of us. We will be spending the greater part of November down in Nashville, TN recording our debut demo with Steve Haggard, as well as playing shows. We are also hard at work designing a website that will have goodies such as new pictures, new song clips from our record, and some live video. Please visit the temporary webpage (www.difference88.com) and sign onto our mailing list to hear about upcomming events.
        Unfortunately, with all of this good news, we have just a slight bit of bad. We will be forced to cancel our November 5th show in Berlin, NH due to an important meeting we must all attend. We are hoping to make this up to most of you by adding a November 4th show at the Green Street Community Center in Concord, NH. Please try and attend!
        Please stay tuned within the next few months on our various webpages for updates on our record, upcomming show dates, and other future events. Continue to spread the word, we love you all so very much.

Griffin, Ian, Laura


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